Are You Getting the Most Out of Your CDN?

This is blog post #7 in our blog series #OptimizeDigital, where we explore themes based on our newly released book Optimizing the Digital Experience (available for download here). You can catch up on the previous post here.  Tweet this post: Currently Read more ›

Founders of Limelight Networks Weigh in as the Supreme Court is Set to Hear Arguments on April 30 in Long-running Patent Case — Limelight Networks v. Akamai Technologies

With the April 30 Supreme Court hearing on a patent case between Limelight Networks and Akamai Technologies, founders of Limelight Networks give their own perspective. View article >      

Future Proofing Your Media Delivery Efforts With a Unified Solution

So, in the last few weeks we have discussed the many challenges, bottlenecks, and complexities associated with reaching your media audience on their many screens and devices. Understanding the problem is half the battle won. The other half is making Read more ›

What is Performance? No, really. What is it?


Today, performance is synonymous with just speed. But performance is more than just the speed of systems responding to a request for content. In fact, performance-as-speed is really only one factor in measuring the digital experience. Yes, it’s critical to Read more ›

What a scarecrow, a mexican food restaurant, and a boutique agency can teach us about marketing


Although it’s not surprising when media properties like Game of Thrones showcase transmedia efforts, it’s another thing when retail brands do it. Chipotle recently launched their “The Scarecrow” campaign that included both a short video as well as a complimentary mobile game. So Read more ›