10 Super Secret Digital Presence Tips & Tricks

This is the fourth (and final) in a series of webinars discussing what it takes to build and deliver an awesome digital presence. The webinar series is based upon our free book, Digital Presence for Dummies. This webinar was delivered on August 29, 2013.

The original webinar is available on demand below, and a recap follows. View it, read it, and share it with the special marketers in your life. (Tweet the recording.)

So what’s your digital presence? Here are four ways to think about it:

    • Knowing who your customers, prospects and audience really are
    • Knowing how those customers and prospects are engaging with your company
    • And where they are engaging with your company
    • And what content they are engaging with

There are various metrics  you can use to measure the success of your digital presence: increased revenues, content consumption, affinity or loyalty, and longevity of customer relationships. Ultimately, it’s some pretty simple arithmetic.


In this webinar, we focus on 10 tips and tricks you need to sustain an awesome digital presence. Let’s take a look at them in the context of the success factors described above.




1. Evolution
2. Influencers
3. Gamification
10. Insight


5. Always-on
6. On-demand


7. Context
8. Transmedia
9. Physicalization


Now we’ll take a closer look at what you can do to sustain an awesome digital presence, trick by super secret trick.

  • TRICK 1: EVOLUTION. It’s old school to think about launching every 18-24 months and rest on your laurels the rest of the time. Your audiences want continuous engagement. So read up on Agile development methodologies. And copy them.
  • TAKEAWAY 1: Measure yourself against yourself; set objectives. Then measure yourself against the competition. Remember, you’re competing for business results. A killer Digital Presence is a way to achieve those results, but not an end in itself.
  • TRICK 2: INFLUENCERS. Influencer marketing amplifies your message. There’s no shame in starting with the obvious: Find industry pundits on blogs and social networks. (Sometimes influencers can be organizations – not individuals). It’s a 1-2-3 punch: Select, target, impact.
  • TAKEAWAY 2: Follow cocktail party rules when engaging influencers. That means ask questions, don’t focus on yourself, and listen politely. If you have to put on a tuxedo or a little black dress to get into the cocktail party spirit, so be it. Whatever it takes to remind you that influencer marketing a give and get. Not just a get.
  • TRICK 3: GAMIFICATION. What if you could convert an unknown audience member into an advocate? Well, you’d do it. What used to be a B2C practice has made its way into the B2B world in the form of polls, contests, scavenger hunts, and badges. Everyone loves stinkin’ badges.
  • TAKEAWAY 3: Consultancy Matters ran a poll in 2012 (find it here) which revealed what many corporations know: rewarding users for interacting with your brand is smart, and gamification lets you do so incrementally – reinforcing desirable behaviors at each stage of the buying cycle.
  • TRICK 4: BYOD. Sorry, that’s a D, not a B. As in “device.” Your customers are using more devices every day: Videos, blogs, and tweets appear on desktop, mobile, and connected devices in the office, on the bus, in the jacuzzi. Still, there’s plenty of content out there just doesn’t perform well outside of desktop browsers.
  • TAKEAWAY 4: If your users’ mobile experience is more like a miniaturized desktop version of life, it’s time for a tune-up. Go native, go mobile web, or go both: understanding your audiences’ preferences and what you want to achieve for the mobile web will guide that decision. (Minneapolis Star Tribune has a mobile website for readers and an app for its baseball fans. Both driven by the need for relevance.)
  • TRICKS 5 + 6: ALWAYS ON AND ON DEMAND. You’re sleeping. Or in a cab. Or vacationing on a beach. Or sleeping in a cab while vacationing on the beach (?!?). But your users are still online. And just because they’re online doesn’t mean they’re online with you. They want what they want when they want it. So if a competitor delivers it better, zoom! Off to the competitor.
  • TAKEAWAYS 5 + 6: Like it or not, we’re all fulfillment houses when it comes to user expectations. Deliver on them. Don’t hesitate to deliver that webinar in a format that can be consumed on demand. Remember: you can take a vacation, but your digital presence can’t. Be everywhere. Your audience certainly is.
  • TRICK 7: CONTEXT. Content is more powerful when it’s in context, and out-of-context content can lead to bad or unexpected results. To thine own visitors be true: are they cruising your site from their PCs at midnight, or from Androids at lunchtime? Or both? What do they do differently on mobile?
  • TAKEAWAY 7: Give the right content to the right people at the right time in the right format. Optimize for the moment and method of consumption. Below we provide a basic matrix you can use to think about the right content for each stage of your buyer’s journey.


Layer in buyer personas and you start to see the multidimensional content strategy that our multidimensional buyers demand.

Layer in buyer personas and you start to see the multidimensional content strategy that our multidimensional buyers demand.


  • TRICK 8: TRANSMEDIA. A seamless experience builds brand trust, affinity, and loyalty. But it’s easy to create a disjointed experience when users are jumping from mobile to desktop and back again. Use digital technology in a way that elegantly pulls all the parts of your story into a unified experience.
  • TAKEAWAY 8: Re-purpose your content! This very post is the result of a webinar. Which was the result of a book. Which was the result of a series of white papers. You can’t possibly create unique content to fill every need for every user at every stage of the buyer’s journey, so get savvy and recycle.
  • TRICK 9: PHYSICALIZATION. There’s no curtain separating the physical and virtual worlds; they exist on a spectrum. The more bridges you can build between them, the better you can engage your audience. One example is reverse-publishing: users submit physical photographs, which are then published on a digital platform.
  • TAKEAWAY 9: Think about the elements within your story that can go physical. Are you an e-commerce store that can set up a kiosk at a special event? A video creator that can host live content viewings? A&E marketed its show Longmire via social media, photo contests, and in-show hashtags for a record 4.2 million viewers.
  • TRICK 10: INSIGHT. Knowledge is golden. It helps you figure out the practices that work for you, what works for your audience, and the content that’s driving your results.
  • TAKEAWAY 10: Data is plentiful. In fact, the issue for marketers today is having too much data. But the real gains come from insight. Gleaning insight from data to create amazing experiences
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