The 3 Aspects of Video that Get You to Digital Intimacy…Faster

In a previous post, I introduced the concept of the “digital relationship pyramid.” This pyramid attempts to define the states of online relationships between digital audiences and the marketers/brands trying to engage them. Here are the different levels (bottom-up):

  • awareness
  • acquaintance
  • friend
  • confidante
  • intimate

Obviously, every marketer would love to have intimate relationships with as many audience members as they can (okay, get your mind out of the gutter) because intimacy reflects a point where audience members are providing information to the marketer. Demographic information. Personal information. Connections via Facebook and Twitter. Only no matter how many levels there are, getting to that point¬†(where there is intimacy) is going to take a lot of work. In marketing-speak, it will take a lot of touches. And given how flighty user attention spans are these days, it’s not only a lot of touches but a lot of consecutive, repeated touches.

What if there was a way, though, to short-circuit that climb up the pyramid? Maybe not directly to the top, but at least making it easier to move users up the pyramid without as many touches?

Say hello to video.

Video is the most effective digital engagement medium we have today. Why? For three reasons:

  • First, because we are hard wired for it. We like to watch things that move. And let’s face it, there are many times I’d rather watch a video of something than read about it.
  • Second, because video is multi-sensory. That’s right, it requires our eyes and ears. That means that we are more engaged with video than the printed word whether we like it or not.
  • Third, video provides a better mechanism to establish an emotional connection. What’s more emotionally impactful: you talking about someone crying over a tragedy or seeing people cry over that same tragedy.

That’s the impact of video.¬†And, of course, video is a critical component of any digital presence (actually, it’s #2 on the list).

Video can be daunting for many organizations. They don’t know where to start. Should it be high-production? Can we just use a webcam? If there’s one piece of advice we can give you about video it’s that content matters most. Your audience will overlook your Blair-Witch-like-footage if the content is valuable to them.


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