Your Light in the Digital Darkness: Digital Presence for Dummies!

We know. This whole digital thing can seem daunting at times. At first you were just juggling a couple of balls—your website and some email newsletters. Now with social media, mobile, video, and everything else you are trying to get and keep customers’ attention, you feel like you are juggling a hundred balls, three chainsaws, a blow torch, two miniature elements, and the kitchen sink (of course).The worst part is realizing that when you drop one, they are all affected. That’s because all of those things you are keeping in the air are part of your digital presence.

Which is why we wrote Digital Presence for Dummies in the first place (that’s right, the same Dummies books from Wiley that you’ve grown to love)—to help guide you through the complex and challenging task of keeping all those elements working together. But if the digital economy is a dark, scary place, this book is not a flashlight. It’s more like a 50-foot high bonfire! Heck, this book is like a small sun. Yeah, it’s going to help you that much.

Below is the table of contents with a brief description of each chapter, a sampling from Chapter 1, and even a look at the cover.

And you can sign-up to get the book, right now. Electronic (to save a few branches) or print (because you are old school). Your choice. Just click on the link to receive the book when it’s released in late March (yes, this year…):

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Digital Presence 101—This chapter introduces the concept of digital presence and how it applies to your company or brand. It also speaks to the dreaded Digital Presence Deficiency.
  • Chapter 2: Revealing the Anatomy of Your Digital Presence—This chapter outlines exactly what constitutes your digital presence and which parts mean the most to your efforts.
  • Chapter 3: Analyzing the Cause of Digital Presence Deficiency—If your digital presence is lacking, this chapter helps you evaluate the shortcomings so you can start fixing the issues.
  • Chapter 4: Fixing Your Digital Presence—Did we mention fixing your digital presence? This chapter takes you through what you need to do to improve your digital presence.
  • Chapter 5: Choosing Your Digital Presence Workflow Tools—Some tools attack specific issues, while other tools provide a broad spectrum of assistance. This book outlines those tools and helps you choose the correct solution for your situation.
  • Chapter 6: Putting Your Digital Presence First—In order to make your digital presence really awesome, you need to put it at the front of your strategy. This chapter shows you how to accomplish this task.
  • Chapter 7: The Successful — and the Unsuccessful — Digital Presence—This chapter helps you recognize winning strategies and avoid the pitfalls of any losing efforts you may think about implementing.
  • Chapter 8: Ensuring a Solid Digital Presence Future—Having a successful digital presence takes a lot of effort. This chapter helps you keep it that way.
  • Chapter 9: Ten Super-Secret Digital Presence Insights—We may be exaggerating the “super secret” part a bit, but this list of insights will help you maintain your successful digital presence.

A Brief Look at Chapter 1

Every business today has a digital presence: your website, your Facebook Page, your Tweets on Twitter, pins, tumbles, and stumbles. It’s also your mobile apps, your online sup- port center, and your digital advertising — in other words, it’s the combination of every way in which you interact with and touch your customers, users, and partners in the digital world.

This chapter takes a look at the basics of how all your online activities interact to create your digital presence. It also delves into the ways in which your digital presence may be suffering, how to recognize it if it is, and how to get started fixing it.

Digital Presence Is Here, Like It or Not

For those businesses that choose to ignore their digital presence, we’ve got news for you — you can’t get away from it. The digital world isn’t a fad, and it isn’t a world that’s going to disappear tomorrow (or anytime soon). In fact, research shows that more and more people evaluate a product online before they ever make a purchase. And if you’re one of those businesses, or are responsible for its online activities, you simply can’t afford to ignore your digital presence any longer. You have to love it, nurture it, and cultivate an effective digital presence in order to effectively compete in today’s global digital economy.

And, even if you are committed to your digital presence,
it may be suffering from a malady we call Digital Presence Deficiency, or DPD for short, that can undermine all of your digital marketing efforts and even the future of your business. DPD is worse than pouring money down the drain. We discuss the DPD problem later in the section, “Finding Out That Your Digital Presence Has a Deficiency.”

Digital Presence: What It Is

The term may sound complicated, but digital presence is a simple concept — it’s the overall effect of all your digital touch points. It’s how you represent your business online and can consist of all sorts of activities, such as:

  • Your blogs
  • Comments in discussion forums
  • Facebook Pages
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Mobile applications and websites
  • Newsletters
  • Reviews on buying sites
  • Twitter profiles
  • Websites

And those examples are definitely not an exhaustive list! Think of your digital presence as any way in which you interact with customers via digital channels — comments on your blog, visitors reading your web pages, fans on your Facebook Page. All of it.

Before we can discuss how you can make your digital presence top quality, though, we need to talk about DPD. You’d be surprised how many companies suffer from it.


- Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy. You can connect with Jason on Twitter @_jasonthibeault.

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