How Are You Adapting Your Marketing to Mobile?

Julie Stott at Econsultancy has posted 8 tips for integrating mobile into your marketing strategy. But is integration enough? I don’t think so. If you really want to embrace mobile (which is a critical component of your digital presence), it has to be part of your marketing DNA. You can’t just “tack it on.” What do you think of Julie’s 8 tips? Can you think of any others?

  1. Chose between a responsive or mobile-designed website
  2. Work out whether you need to design an app
  3. Create the perfect email
  4. Create and provide location-based content
  5. Reward customer loyalty
  6. Be there for your customers where ever they are
  7. Reach new audiences
  8. Employ a Chief Marketing Technologist
There’s a lot going on in these 8 tips (and a lot to think about when you read what Julie has written) but a few of these speak to integrating mobile into the very fabric of how you approach the market:
  1. Create and provide location-based content. Context, or contextually-relevant experiences, will divide those marketers that get it from those that don’t. Mobile provides us a wealth of location-specific data (especially if you have an app) that you can use to personalize the marketing experience for them. This is at the core of your digital presence: making it personal. But this isn’t something you can “tack” onto content marketing or marketing campaigns. You have to be thinking this all the time. If you aren’t, that means that some of your content experiences are personal and some aren’t. Oops. Fail.
  2. Be there for your customers were ever they are. Everyone is mobile now. You need to stop thinking about “mobile” as a set of devices and more as a behavior. Check out the infographic below (also in Julie’s post). This supports what Google uncovered in their “Multi-Screen World” report last summer. People are on their devices all the time. They are on multiple devices throughout the day. If you start thinking this way, that all of your content must respond to different devices, you are ahead of the game. But if you are only targeting a few devices, you are probably creating a disconnected content experience for your users.
  3. Employ a Chief Marketing Technologist. This represents commitment. Again, you aren’t looking for the next big thing to deliver your digital presence to mobile. You are building technologies into the very way you execute digital marketing. It’s a “marketology architecture.” By employing a marketing professional who is very technologically-savvy, mobile becomes part of your DNA.
Here’s the Infographic. Notice how much of that “mobile behavior” is divided between multiple devices?

- Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy. You can connect with Jason on Twitter @_jasonthibeault.

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