API Updates for LVP

API Update! Limelight’s Video Platform has enhanced APIs including paging, filtering, geographic analytics and platform analytics.

Check out the updates below:

• Paging – Responses are now returned in pages of 100 and can be sorted, providing better performance.
See here: http://www.limelightvideoplatform.com/support/docs/analytics_api/#1.2

• Filtering – Limit the analytics in the response to media that only meet specified criteria by filtering here!
See here: http://www.limelightvideoplatform.com/support/docs/analytics_api/#1.3

• Geographic Analytics – The geographic analytics (country, region, city & DMA) are now available via API.
See here: http://www.limelightvideoplatform.com/support/docs/analytics_api/#5.0

• Platform Analytics – The platform analytics (os, browser & platform) are now available via API. See here: http://www.limelightvideoplatform.com/support/docs/analytics_api/#6.0

Check out all product updates and releases here: http://www.limelightvideoplatform.com/support/product_releases/

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