Taking Limelight to the Next Level: Announcing Orchestrate

Limelight has historically been known as a CDN. A bit pump, capable of delivering content around the world on its high-speed network but not much else. Over the past couple of years, though, Limelight has busily acquired, integrated, and built a number of value-added services with a single-minded purpose: help our customers offload the complexities and challenges associated with publishing content to the cloud. To that end, Limelight has announced Orchestrate.

Orchestrate represents years of work, thousands of man hours, and a collective vision which perceives that content delivery is not the end-all-be-all of content publishing but merely one element of the content publishing workflow. Orchestrate is meant as a “framework” for vertically-focused solutions leveraging the physical reach of the network, the CDN software, and the SaaS applications that exist in a flexible application platform. Although we are only in the first iterations of Orchestrate, the vision is obvious: a single, integrated cloud-based workflow solution powered by an unparalleled delivery network. With Orchestrate, customers can focus on publishing content…not all the challenges involved in the systems and technologies used to publish it.

Below is the press release that was released today.

Limelight Networks Introduces Orchestrate – Industry-Focused Solution Framework to Streamline and Simplify Digital Media Publishing

Leveraging the Limelight Global Compute and Delivery Network, Orchestrate Integrates Multiple Cloud-Based Services to Solve Workflow Issues

NEW YORK, May 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Limelight Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq:LLNW) today introduced a new solution framework designed to address the specific digital media workflow needs of vertical markets—Limelight Orchestrate. This suite of industry-specific content publishing workflow solutions leverages a flexible application platform for hosting cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) services, marketing automation technologies, and powerful analytics. Combined, the Orchestrate technologies and services help to manage the growing complexity inherent in publishing digital content to large International audiences that are accessing content from a myriad of connected devices. Limelight will showcase Orchestrate, at Streaming Media East, May 15-16, at the Hilton New York (booth 001).

Featuring video publishing and management, web content management, cloud storage, site acceleration, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, customers can use Orchestrate to elevate their Internet activity from just managing and publishing content to driving revenue by delivering an enhanced online end-user experience. Limelight Orchestrate is made even more powerful by Limelight’s scalable global network.

“The opportunity to employ integrated online video publishing, web content management, and CDN services was a key factor in our decision to turn to Limelight,” commented Dean Horowitz, Vice President of eMedia & Market Intelligence at Vance Publishing Corporation, a media company that produces 15 magazines, more than 50 newsletters, and over 30 websites. “Workflow is such a central component of our publishing capability, and being able to post a new story or upload a video — with everything managed from an integrated dashboard and stored in a single repository — empowers us to drive engagement, increase publishing frequency, and improve opportunities for both advertising and sponsorship.”

Recognizing that delivery and management don’t represent the lifecycle of the content publishing workflow, Limelight Orchestrate also incorporates powerful social media and reporting tools integrated directly into the SaaS-based components to help customers engage with users and optimize their online experience.

Limelight Orchestrate for Video Publishing

Limelight Orchestrate for Video Publishing is one of a family of Orchestrate Solutions designed specifically for companies that publish video content. This solution features four cloud-based services: CDN; Video Management & Publishing; Web Management & Publishing; and Intelligent Storage. Its robust analytics and reporting, and marketing automation, enables video publishers to create a compelling and exciting digital content experience around their videos without the burden of managing the required infrastructure and software.

Limelight Orchestrate for Video Publishing is modular, allowing companies to replace individual pieces of a workflow or to implement a comprehensive, cloud-based workflow solution from a single vendor. The solution’s flexibility extends into access as well, with services made available via web-based interfaces or programmatically via API.

Among the problems in video content delivery spurred by the explosive growth of mobile technology is the workflow complexity associated with making video content available on any device. New formats, devices, and bandwidth challenges presented by mobile consumption have caused critical delays in getting content to market and, in some cases, degradation of the content experience. This has also resulted in an increase of capital expenses for transcoding, storage, and specialized resources.

Limelight Orchestrate for Video Publishing takes advantage of advanced delivery technologies within the CDN component of the Orchestrate Application Platform to address some of these new complexities and challenges like delivering content across all devices. Customers employing this solution need not worry if their content is available on the latest mobile devices. Limelight Stream Anywhere, a service in the CDN component of the Orchestrate Application Platform, automatically converts video content from recognized formats (like RTMP) into today’s popular chunked formats like HDS and HLS upon request, leveraging Adobe’s powerful Adobe Media Server 4.5. The result? Customers can focus on their content, not on the complexities of delivering it to multiple devices.

“The exponential growth of mobile technologies is posing a number of challenges to digital content publishing — challenges that directly impact an organization’s ability to focus resources on core business functions,” said David Hatfield, Senior Vice President, Limelight Networks. “Limelight is uniquely positioned to help publishers save untold hours and ensure true ‘publish once, deliver anywhere’ functionality.”

The technologies that power Limelight Stream Anywhere are part of Limelight’s focus to provide customers an end-to-end, cloud-based workflow solution to build high-quality content experiences that span devices. Leveraging four core components—Dynamic Site Platform, Limelight Video Platform, Content Delivery Network, and Agile Storage—customers can work with Limelight’s Global Services to build targeted workflow solutions to tackle their critical digital content publishing challenges.

- Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy. You can connect with Jason on Twitter @_jasonthibeault.

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