eTail West Concludes

We had a busy and productive week at the eTail West Conference this past week. Some 1600 attendees gathered to hear discussions on all aspects of online retailing including the use of videos, improving site performance, social media marketing, and making powerful connections with customers. Guy Kawasaki was the concluding keynote speaker on Thursday and spoke about how to utilize social media to establish a strong brand and community of customers.

Limelight hosted a 10’X20’ booth to showcase our Accelerate and Limelight Video Platform. We provided “on the fly” site optimizations and visitors came by to have their sites optimized. The results shown were dramatic. Some retailers could not believe how much the performance of their site was improved, all without any software installation or changes to their web servers! We also demonstrated the Limelight Video Platform , showing customers how they can easily host, manage,publish, and monetize video for their sites.

Some of the key takeaways of this conference were that most retailers are still struggling with how to optimize their sites and improve their conversion rates. Attendees know that their web sites need performance improvements, but they’re not quite sure where to make improvements. Attendees also view mobile as very important aspect of their e-commerce strategy and are looking for ways to deliver content to multiple devices more quickly. In order to have an effective user experience, store front operators need to ensure that their mobile site is as good as their desktop version since mobile is increasingly becoming the way users access content.

Social media also was center stage at the show as many companies are looking for ways to incorporate a social media strategy into their marketing and lead gen efforts. They are also looking for tools to manage the entire process of creating content and distributing content to their social media followers. All in all, the eTail West event proved to be very worthwhile gathering of some of the nation’s top retailers and we look forward to attending again next year.

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