eTailers Meet Up to Speed Up

This week some of the world’s largest retail companies are convening in Palm Springs, CA to attend eTail West 2012. At this event etailers will learn about the latest strategies to deliver content to their diverse audience of prospective hyperconnected buyers. Limelight has proactively optimized the websites for most of the retailers attending eTail West, and retailers that visit Limelight’s booths (#13 and #14); can see a live demonstration of Limelight Accelerate in action on their own websites. Today, Limelight announced that Wayfair, the #2 online retailer of home goods, saw a 17% jump in page views in one month using Limelight Accelerate. Attendees of eTail West will be delighted will similar results in increased performance  between their regular site and the optimized version that we demonstrate using Limelight Accelerate. And the best part about this type of demo is that it is actually using their website and not a staged site.

One of the big messages coming from Limelight at the eTail West Conference is that seconds matter! Online shoppers respond to speed. The faster a website’s products and web content are displayed, the faster the Time to Action occurs which means more successful conversions, page views and completed transactions for any retail business. Its’ all about the user experience for the device being used. In other words, web content needs to download as quickly and as easily on mobile devices as it does on desktops. And the etailers that can accomplish this feat are going to see an increase in conversions which translates to higher revenues.

Another key service of our overall ecommerce solution that is being showcased at this year’s show is the Limelight Video Platform. LVP provides the tools to easily publish, manage, analyze, and monetize video on the web. And with so many retailers looking to make video a part of their content mix, Limelight’s video platform offers a turnkey solution to bring your rich media to life.

Limelight is proud to be a premium sponsor of this year’s eTail West Conference with opening remarks being provided on separate days by our CEO Jeff Lunsford and VP of Web Acceleration Peter Spiliakos. We look forward to meeting many of the hundreds of retailers and showing them how Limelight’s solutions bring velocity to their business while positively impacting their bottom line. Stay tuned for some live blogging as I take on the tough assignment from the desert to keep you informed about the highlights at eTail West.

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