Three Trends to Watch in Mobile Video Advertising

Our own Jonathan Cobb, CTO for the Limelight Mobility and Monetization group, recently participated in an interview with John Ebbert over at He discussed the new REACH Interactive product, challenges that publishers face in the mobile video space, and the growing publisher ecosystem. What also surfaced in the interview were three specific trends in mobile video advertising. Here’s what Jonathan sees happening in the industry today, and what’s just over the horizon.

1. Publishers are looking for more control.

Initially, online video publishers were content to let ad networks do most of the monetization work. Now, however, they’re looking to control more of the action. Increasingly publishers are taking a hybrid approach, combining ad network relationships with direct ad sales that let them capture premium rates on their most valuable inventory.

2. There will soon be a glut of mobile video inventory.

As consumers get used to the idea of watching video on their mobile phones, publishers will increase their mobile distribution, and that will raise the amount of available ad inventory. However, even though there will soon be an oversupply, most of the new inventory will not be associated with premium content. Premium mobile video content will still be relatively limited and will command higher rates.

3. Standardization in metrics

Mobile ad measurement is evolving, and there’s an increasing push to standardize metrics. The more advertisers come to rely on the mobile channel, the faster we’ll start to see consensus around how to define and measure mobile audiences.

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