Wow! 2.5 million streams for Obama inauguration

We’ve been quiet on the LLNW blog this year, but not because we’ve gotten tired of writing. There’s a lot happening here in Limelight, and we’re hard at work getting things ready so we can talk (and blog) about them publicly.

Today, we announced that Limelight delivered President Barack Obama’s inaugural address live over the Internet to an estimated 2.5 million viewers – over two full Nielsen ratings points of viewing audience. Wow.  The overwhelming majority of viewers joined a live video stream just before Obama began his inaugural address.  Audience members remained connected to the live stream for almost the entirety of Obama’s speech.

Nathan Raciborski, our CTO and co-founder, commented on this: “Today’s inauguration is an example of the global power of the Internet as a platform to unite. Like never before, people from around the world joined together to experience this historic moment,”“Such a powerful, unifying event was exactly what we envisioned eight years ago when we launched our innovative, network-based CDN, and we are pleased that our platform played such a major role in delivering today’s ceremony to the world.”

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