Which HD format do you use?

We asked subscribers of our customer newsletter about the HD formats they use for publishing their content. The results show an even mix of format preferences, with H.264 having a slight edge.

Does this accurately reflect your view of HD usage on the Internet? Why do you prefer one format over another? Let us know in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “Which HD format do you use?

  1. Olivier Poitrey on

    You’re mixing containers and codecs. What about H264 in an FLV container for instance?…

  2. H.264 all the way. For the 26% who answered WMV, I can’t believe they actually know anything about HD delivery. I have it from sources inside MSFT that they plan to discontinue WMV9 development

  3. John Ketchpaw on

    We use WMV since it can playback without stuttering on lower-spec machines than flv or h264.

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